Monday, January 26, 2009

1980 was the year

OK so i was looking in my cedar chest , trying to find a diary from 1980. I thought maybe i had written comments about about being pregnant with Kassie in it. I thought i would sent it to her, because i also knew i wrote down my weight and measurements around my stomach. I thought maybe she would think it was interesting. Of course i find a 1980 diary, it turns out to be a really terrible year for me.
OK lets take a minute to reflect on know how sometimes you say something and right way you know you hurt that person feelings. You feel terrible, no matter what you say you cannot take that moment back. On the other hand when you are the receiving end of this, no matter what good this person does, you always remember the moment they were hurtful to you. 1980 i was on the receiving end of a lot of hurtful comments. I am sure my pregancy homones were playing a part in it all, but 1980 was still a really bad year.
After i read that diary, I got looking further in my cedar chest and I found a 9 month diary
that i wrote just for Kassie while i was pregnant. Even I was impress I did this.
So i do believe God gave me such a easy child in 1980 because i was having such a bad year and he wanted me to be happy.
So this all comes down to, is it good to do so much writing down thoughts and feelings. Years from now, will you girls read them. Will you curl up your lazy boys chairs and read them like they are a good book. I was really glad i read 1980 last night, it maybe realize I really am a survivor.


  1. =) good thing I was perfect.

    I'm glad you had both diaries. I know the first one depressed you.

  2. i love how you change the font colors not only in your emails but now your blog posts :)